Michael Quinn 01 June 2015 News

Rents and Property Management – it is your cash flow

Ask any property investor what is their main concern and the overwhelming response is the fear of not having a tenant or having a bad tenant. Firstly, provided you are investing in a location that people want to live in and that has all existing […]

Michael Quinn 01 June 2015 News

Are you working to a Plan?

Are you working to your specific, clearly outlined and detailed plan? Are you on track and how is your current strategy and actions performing? Do you really know in both dollar terms and timeline what you want and how you are going to get it? These are […]

Michael Quinn 27 May 2015 Finance

Finance, a key to building your wealth

Finance can be a scary word to many but lets be honest you can't save yourself into wealth and financing your investments although seemingly daunting is often the smartest way to grow your wealth. Many people put off dealing with the numbers and this procrastination […]

Michael Quinn 27 May 2015 Investing Property

What To Look For When Investing In Property

The property market is an industry that attracts billions of dollars, defines nations and holds many investors who not only store their wealth in bricks and mortar but build their wealth with it also. The attraction of owning property and having it work for […]