Michael Quinn 22 December 2016 Uncategorized

Emotions… So, do I have to like it?

It is interesting to see how emotions can take over once you look to invest in property, and this is understandable as we are not looking to “buy an ice cream”… and we are human after all. Yet, that being said, how do we look […]

Michael Quinn 01 June 2015 News

What’s up with Investor Lending?

As finance is vital for property investing (especially with the correct structure that keeps your home safe and protects your borrowing capacity) many have been talking regarding the latest changes to investor lending as the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) seek to curb investor […]

Michael Quinn 01 June 2015 News

What the Economist’s are saying

Everybody is an expert… especially with Property Investment. It is amazing that so many have an opinion (just bring up Property at a dinner party) – yet so few have property investment portfolios (According to the ATO, only 8% of Australians own an investment […]

Michael Quinn 01 June 2015 News

So you want to buy an Investment Property…

How do you start in both deciding and then actually purchasing an investment property? Firstly, I think knowing what you want is the key, and for so many, in reality, we just go from year to year with the hope that it will all work […]

Michael Quinn 01 June 2015 News

The importance of your “A” Team

We know that in truth, we cannot be all things… that is why it is so, so important to have the correct “A” Team working with you. Whilst many service providers will want to be your only advisor (as they do not want to have […]