Michael Quinn 01 June 2019 News

What the Economist’s are saying

Everybody is an expert… especially with Property Investment. It is amazing that so many have an opinion (just bring up Property at a dinner party) – yet so few have property investment portfolios (According to the ATO, only 8% of Australians own an investment […]

Michael Quinn 01 June 2019 News

So you want to buy an Investment Property…

How do you start in both deciding and then actually purchasing an investment property? Firstly, I think knowing what you want is the key, and for so many, in reality, we just go from year to year with the hope that it will all work […]

Michael Quinn 01 June 2019 News

Are you working to a Plan?

Are you working to your specific, clearly outlined and detailed plan? Are you on track and how is your current strategy and actions performing? Do you really know in both dollar terms and timeline what you want and how you are going to get it? These are […]

Michael Quinn 27 May 2019 Investing Property

What To Look For When Investing In Property

The property market is an industry that attracts billions of dollars, defines nations and holds many investors who not only store their wealth in bricks and mortar but build their wealth with it also. The attraction of owning property and having it work for […]

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