Our proven system is easy to follow and implement,
delivering measurable results.

My name is Michael Quinn, since 2001 I have been educating and
assisting clients with their property investing.

Wealth Efficiency, offers you choice on a national basis through proven independent suppliers,
delivering significant savings – we establish what property will work best for you.

We are at your service

Service is everything. All Wealth Efficiency product and service providers operate within our
Code of Conduct with commitment to outstanding communication and service levels.
It is about your next investment, not just this one.

Our complimentary one on one sessions enable us to establish what you want and why. A strong working relationship is created with you and your requirements as priority as this is our difference. Our education process is factual and easy to implement, we work with you every step of the way.

After presenting live to thousands of Australians over the years, having our audience take value and understanding makes us proud. It is through these presentations (on stage, to corporate or on television), that we are able to connect with our audience, enhancing their knowledge and ability to act.

Knowledge is power. There are only two ways to lose your money – greed and not doing your homework. Wealth Efficiency works with you, ensuring your able to make decisions based on current data and facts that make sense. No hype allowed, just solid education before any decision or purchase is made.

Wealth Efficiency works to assist you in purchasing an investment property. We go shopping on a national basis to locate what works best for you. Once all structures and finance are in place and you are ready to purchase, we introduce you to independent specialist conveyancing services that protect you.

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Ethically driven property investment, changing the way Australians retire

This is a Real Book, not an ebook, that we will post to you

Wealth Efficiency Process Pathway

Wealth Efficiency is proud to do what we do and to work with your best interests at heart. This is what leads us to operating with 95% + of our business being repeat or referral based business.

Rather than being transaction focussed, we are client focussed, simple as that.


We Connect

Wealth Efficiency is committed to assisting you in any way that we can. This means only doing the right thing by you so as to have you reach and exceed your chosen goals and outcomes. Only then can we earn the right to repeat and referral business. To do this, we must be the right fit for each other and it is vital that at the initial stage of working with each other, we establish a true sense of trust, clarity, synergy and experience as we are building a long term working relationship.

We welcome and offer the opportunity to meet (at no cost to you) to discover and ensure that we are connected and an ideal fit for each other.


We Educate

It is vital that we deal with facts and key driving principals rather than with hype and emotions especially with safe property investment.

Wealth Efficiency is committed to ensuring that you learn and understand the correct structures that enable your property portfolio to be built, whilst protecting your own home and borrowing capacity.

This needs to be taught and passed on to future generations so as to make a real, ongoing difference.

In essence, it will come down to reviewing how the numbers work best to suit your individual situation, reviewing and adjusting is all part of the experience. Knowledge is power, we are proud to educate.


We Explore

Part of what makes Wealth Efficiency unique, is that we are totally independent and able to introduce you to a proven range of product suppliers on a national basis – rather than having to sell one estate or what needs to be sold.

This works to your favour, in that our suppliers know that they are one of many and are endeavouring to have the numbers and the opportunity work for you. All of our suppliers have signed off on the Wealth Efficiency Operating Code of Conduct. Any supplier that does the wrong thing is out period.

Our flexibility delivers a range of choice from multiple suppliers on a national basis, combined with total transparency, this enables us to source what may work best for you. As we operate on lower margins with no management fees, this delivers significant savings and assists in your success.


We Analyse

Once we identify a certain type of property as an option for you, we then look to run this through modelling programs to see how the numbers may work.

These reports can be adjusted (so as to allow for varying market conditions and to build in safety margins). We will do this on as many opportunities as required, until the numbers work and we are ready to proceed.

In this way, we are able to review what may work best for you and model this with your accountant, financial planner and financier.

All required associated services that Wealth Efficiency works with and recommend (finance, conveyance/solicitors, financial planners, property accountants, property management etc.) are proven, totally independent and no secret commissions or kick back’s are allowed.


We Purchase

With Wealth Efficiency, purchasing property is simply part of the process within our programme, working to ensure that all is in place and working for you before buying a property.

As mistakes are costly to fix, we ensure your ducks are in a row working to reduce your risk and keeping it safe for both you and the banks enabling future purchases.

All of our suppliers operate with true fixed price contracts, with absolutely no variations of any kind. The contract for the land will be between the land developer and yourself so you will own the land. The building contract will be between you and the builder.

Once a suitable property is located, analysed and agreed upon, this is then held with an Expression of Interest, a $1,000 holding deposit (that is fully refundable should you not proceed for any reason). All purchases are subject to finance approval and acceptance by you.

Wealth Efficiency will also assist with recommending proven property management and associated ongoing services.


We Duplicate

The truth is, one property will not deliver significant wealth over time even if this property grows by $200,000 or more in a cycle. With inflation working against you, will this be sufficient?

Our commitment is to work with you in building your property portfolio, so that it works to deliver Compound Capital Growth (growth on growth) over time and is also not draining your cash flow.

This combined with a balanced portfolio that is reviewed by your integral property focused accountant/financial planner in conjunction with your Wealth Efficiency goal sessions, works to keep all on track.

As Albert Einstein said, exponential growth is the eight wonder of the world.

We are looking to achieve this through a safe property portfolio. Our annual review sessions with you, ensure all is as it should be as well as working to maximise your ability to duplicate without impacting your life style, delivering significant wealth that enables you to have choice to sell or hold in retirement.

Kind words from our customers

Fantastic to deal with and I’d recommend him to anyone.

Guy Leech

Seven Time Iron Man Champion

I wanted to get into property and setup a portfolio. I met Michael Quinn a few years ago and he has done just that for me.

If he say’s he’s got your back.

He’s got your back.

Judi Burke

Event Communication Expert

Michael is the most honest, trustworthy person that I have had the pleasure to meet … he is one of those people you can ask to do anything and he’ll do it.

I have acquired 3 properties

with Michael.

Charles Moore

Business Executive

In each instance it has been an easy, enjoyable and most importantly… simple process.

Receive your FREE copy of Michael’s book

Ethically driven property investment, changing the way Australians retire

This is a Real Book, not an ebook, that we will post to you

About Us

Michael Quinn
Director Wealth Efficiency

About Michael

Since 2001, Michael has worked closely with hundreds of clients who have built successful real estate portfolios, including purchasing over $450 million dollars in property investments – resulting in a combined capital growth of over $80 million dollars. Michael’s open and honest approach to working with his clients from multiple industries has earned him the distinction as the most “trusted real estate investment source in Australia”.

Why Wealth Efficiency?

We deliver a 6 step Wealth Efficiency Program which helps our clients build wealth confidently for the lifestyle they want. Once we connect with our clients we then confirm key property fundamentals before “shopping” on a national basis through our proven suppliers to ensure the best possible outcome for the client. In an industry that cares more about making the next dollar from uneducated investors, Michael’s philosophy of total transparency and focusing on his client’s best needs (not his own), make him a rare find. He is passionate about education not only for adult real estate investors, but also their children and the long lasting legacy that comes along with that. Michael has seen it all he’s ready to share his wisdom with you.

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