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Michael Quinn
CEO Wealth Efficiency

My name is Michael Quinn, for over 12 years I have been educating and assisting clients in property investing.

Over the past decade, Michael has worked closely with hundreds of clients who have built successful real estate portfolios, including purchasing over 350 million dollars in property investments in a combined capital growth of over 70 millions dollars. Michael’s open and honest approach to working with his clients from multiple industries has earned him the distinction as the most trusted real estate investment educator in Australia.

In an industry that cares more about making the next dollar from uneducated investors, Michael’s philosophy of total transparency and focusing on his client’s best needs (not his own), makes him a rare find. He is passionate about education not only for adult real estate investors, but also their children and the long-lasting legacy that comes along with that. Michael has seen it all, and he’s ready to share his wisdom with you.

Michael Quinn’s unique skill set enables him to teach his clients in an open and honest format that makes sense. His passion for working closely with his clients in having them reach and exceed their goals is his drive and motivation – along with having Australian’s take responsibility for their own financial future.

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