Michael Quinn 27 May 2021 Finance

Finance, a key to building your wealth

Finance can be a scary word to many but lets be honest you can't save yourself into wealth and financing your investments although seemingly daunting is often the smartest way to grow your wealth. Many people put off dealing with the numbers and this procrastination […]

Michael Quinn 01 April 2021 News

The importance of your “A” Team

We know that in truth, we cannot be all things… that is why it is so, so important to have the correct “A” Team working with you. Whilst many service providers will want to be your only advisor (as they do not want to have […]

Michael Quinn 27 March 2021 Investing Property

What to Buy

What to Buy?? New or Established / Unit or House?? This is a topic that will eat 400 odd words before we even get started. What to buy? Looking to purchase what will best suit your own end result and your own home is vastly different […]

Michael Quinn 27 February 2021 News

Negative Gearing

Negative Gearing is this + or - ? Mention the words Negative Gearing and straight away, everybody seems to have an opinion… I do think we should keep this simple though and yes, Negative Gearing is a hot topic at the moment (and has been so […]

Michael Quinn 23 November 2020 Investing Property

Trust & safe property investment

Trust: it cannot be bought or sold – it can only be applied and earned. Bringing the word “trust” into the conversation regarding property investment can often be a deal breaker, as many in this industry are transaction and margin focussed as a priority, with […]

Wealth Efficiency