Kind words from our customers

Fantastic to deal with and I’d recommend him to anyone.

Guy Leech

Seven Time Iron Man Champion

I wanted to get into property and setup a portfolio. I met Michael Quinn a few years ago and he has done just that for me.

If he say’s he’s got your back.

He’s got your back.

Judi Burke

Event Communication Expert

Michael is the most honest, trustworthy person that i have had the pleasure to meet … he is one of those people you can ask to do anything and he’ll do it.

I have acquired 3 properties

with Michael.

Charles Moore

Business Executive

In each instance it has been an easy, enjoyable and most importantly… simple process.

Goes out of the way

to help people.

Curtis Smith

Business Advisor

He is one of those people who goes out of their way to help people… that really impresses me.

You have a trusted advisor

to help you along the way.

Rohan Gallagher

GM Investor Relations

Helps you through that journey of learning and growing through property investment. It takes the pressure off.

David Wisener

I have been working with Michael Quinn (or Quinny as we call him) for years now, our working relationship has grown into a friendship. Having built a sizable property portfolio, Michael has helped me in so many ways, his determination to help others, combined with his prompt, reliable service is something that I am happy to endorse and invite others to investigate.

Kiki Bermudez

As a Real Estate Agent that prides myself on going above and beyond for my clients, I have found working and investing through Michael Quinn to be excellent value and a refreshing experience. The complete understanding process and service is fantastic.

Bruce and Deb Lyndsay

We like to work with straight shooters… and that’s what you get with Michael. His positive attitude and willingness to teach, explain and guide you through the entire process is very refreshing. Most of all, he walks the walk and follows through. Thanks for your help, Michael!

Charles and Jane Moore

Trust is very important to us and Michael Quinn is extremely trustworthy. Being detail focussed, we found it to be a great experience to work with Michael and to discover the fundamentals as taught by him did exist, as was the case with all that was offered. Michael is always available and willing to help in any way.

Rohan Gallager

Michael is a champion… in a field that has so many that are driven to serve themselves, he really does work for me the customer. I find his willingness to assist, teach, implement and review to be second to none. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his services – this is something that all should learn, understand and implement.

Patrick Cameron

Having Michael Quinn work with my wife and I made it all so simple. It all made sense and we found it to be extremely reassuring to have Michael working with us through the entire process. From the initial education and review to actually building our wealth through property, Michael has made the entire process an enjoyable process.

Michael Lynch

Having purchased multiple properties through Michael Quinn and his team, I have found the entire process to be something that I would happily recommend. With work and family commitments, I have been impressed with the efficiency and professionalism throughout the entire process.

Mic Doocan

Investing can often be time consuming, intense and stressful… I have found working with Michael Quinn and his team to be the complete opposite as I am doing it from the other side of the world… they make it easy.

Steve and Judi Burke

Having worked with Michael for a long time now, we have developed a friendship and a trust base that is special. We know a lot about each other and it is a pleasure doing business as the respect, service, honesty and follow through is valued – as is our friendship.

John Lake

Yes, I do think you should speak or meet with Michael Quinn. Why? He is one of the good guys and he is proud to do what he does. He and his team do it very well. Good work Quinny.

Scott Kristiansen

Living interstate, is not a problem. Michael Quinn has the ability to take you through the entire investment process with a clear understanding of why, what, how and we know he is there for us. We like the updates, reviews and ongoing service.

Anthony Robberts

Michael is a straight up guy and he has made this simple, time effective and easy. As I travel a lot, I am happy to see this working and I know that he will sort out anything if required. This has been an enjoyable experience that I would recommend.

Adam Gowans

Working with Michael Quinn has led us to become mates. That is not often said and I recommend you meet with him, learn from him and perhaps invest… who knows, this may become a friendship that works for you and your family.

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