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Generational Change — Why your kids need to start thinking about their future now…

As we all know, we cannot have our time again (and I often h ear the phrase “if only I had……” from our clients).

So rather than reminisce or look back with regret, let’s be empowered by what we can do now, both for yourself and for your kids.

I encourage you to stand up and to be a great educator to the youth of today, including your kids by being committed to engage your kids in learning the basics of how they can build their own wealth, and the importance of doing so – especially as they have the time to invest in it today.

Sounds easy… But as many will tell you, once you try this with a teenager, you can see their eyes glass over in the first 12 – 23 seconds or even less!

So, we need to look at another way of planting this seed, so that your kids are open to exploring how to build their own wealth and protect it as they begin their careers.

As we know, time is the issue and time is our/your “fuel” (income, tax and time / borrowing capacity).

Perhaps we need to have our youth of today (let’s say, ideally, 14 – 21 years of age) connect with just how fast time passes by linking this back to having them remember going from pre school to “big school” and then on to “high school” and seeing how the space of a year can go past so fast…

We need to create a wanting and yearning for kids to understand more regarding building their own wealth (without hidden agendas) and keep it factual, basic and interesting.

To me, this is something I am passionate to achieve change with, because by doing this we are making a real and ongoing difference.

As for Generational Change, perhaps “poking the monster in the eye” with “back in my day…” is not the way to go. Yes, it is a new and different world – just jump on a train or bus and see if you can find anybody that is not on his or her device…

I am so proud, as I see many of my clients make it happen for themselves and yes, I do believe and know that this is also possible for our kids to do the same.

It makes sense that the sooner they understand the key fundamentals, including setting clearly defined goals with timelines and dollar amounts, how money works, inflation, compound growth, finance, lending, cash flow, tax, investing etc.
In this ever changing, fast paced world, one thing is guaranteed – knowledge is power…

Let’s give the knowledge and power of key fundamentals of building wealth to the youth of today, enabling these kids to then create their own wealth and, in turn, Generational Change going forward.

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