Michael Quinn 27 May 2015 Investing Property

What To Look For When Investing In Property

The property market is an industry that attracts billions of dollars, defines nations and holds many investors who not only store their wealth in bricks and mortar but build their wealth with it also. The attraction of owning property and having it work for you is enticing to many and is often seen as a low risk investment in which to build your wealth. The RBA’s interest rate cut in February has been an opportunity for existing property investors to expand their portfolio and open the door for new investors looking to get in the market. As always though there are always some key points to address before jumping into a new investment and having a clear and concise plan is paramount before entering the market.

1) The best place to start is from the beginning and firstly we need to understand why it is so many people have an attachment to the property sector.

2) Covering a quick checklist about your goals and the property is vital to keeping you on point

3) Knowing exactly what it is you want from each property will help you reach your property wealth goals.

4) Having an approximate gauge on how your investment will pan out for you can alleviate any unexpected surprises

5) The pursuit of finance can be a complicated world but it doesn’t have to be when you know what you are looking for.



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