Michael Quinn 01 June 2015 News

Are you working to a Plan?

Are you working to your specific, clearly outlined and detailed plan?
Are you on track and how is your current strategy and actions performing?
Do you really know in both dollar terms and timeline what you want and how you are going to get it?

These are questions that we need to ask ourselves (with our partners) and answer/ review – constantly.

I must say that in working with my clients over the years, I truly enjoy working through their goal sessions, as this is often the time that all becomes clear with no grey lines. Knowing what you want and how you are going to get it works to instil confidence and makes you resilient to the bumps along the way.

Working this in with a professional Wealth Educator, Accountant and Financial Planner (that is licenced to advise you) as a team that has your interests as priority – not their own. This is strongly recommended.

Having your plan that works to keep you on track is your key to success.

In looking at how Australians are retiring, doing nothing is just not an option:
Data Source: ABS 2011 census

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